Get ready for Spring storm season: Storm Shield severe weather app on sale for limited time

CLEVELAND - For a limited time only, our Storm Shield app is on sale! There's no better way to get severe weather alerts for your exact location and keep your family safe.

Think of Storm Shield as a weather radio that's with you wherever you go on your Android or iPhone. To make sure you are aware of spring storms, Storm Shield is on sale from until 10 p.m. EDT March 31 for $2.99, a 40 percent discount.

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With Storm Shield, you get vital severe weather information from the Power of 5 meteorologists so you can stay connected, even if your power goes out. 

Our customized alerts can be a life and property saver. Here's a note we got from a Storm Shield user in July 2013, when severe weather moved through northeast Ohio:

"When the line of severe weather moved through the area back in July, I was out on sales calls in Dover. Thinking I could beat the squall line, I started driving toward Massillon.  By the time I hit Beach City, my Storm Shield app was already alerting me to a severe thunderstorm warming for my county.

As I actively sought a place to shelter from the storm, my app once again chimed in, but this time with a more ominous alert: "A Tornado Warning Has Been Issued For Your Current Location."  Within minutes, straight line winds had toppled tree limbs and blocked my escape routes.

Knowing I had to get out of harm's way, I pulled into what I deemed to be my only option, Bloomin' Crias Alpaca Farm.  Meeting two women in the driveway, I alerted them of the approaching tornado-warned storm, only to find out that their power was out and they were unable to gain access to their own house.  After hoisting one of the women through a garage window, we scampered into the basement.

After the worst of the storm had passed just South, we watched in the distance as the system briefly produced a funnel cloud.  We later determined this was the same storm that nearly wiped the Minerva Fire Department off the map.

The app was directly responsible for me seeking shelter at the right time."

Storm Shield Features:

·         Continuously updated radar

·         Alerts tailored for your exact location, even when you're traveling

·         Live streaming video of Power of 5 severe weather coverage

·         Alerts for up to five locations, so you can help family and friends stay safe

The special sale runs for a limited time, so get Storm Shield today!

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