Kaleidoscope - 11/5/17

LaShawn Reed-Kendricks is the Founder of Success Her Way and Essentials for Success. She explains how and why she started her businesses and  how women, especially those who own or plan to own a business can benefit from her services. For more information visit http://www.essentials4success.biz

The Founder of Women in Need Ministries Doniella Lignon discuss why she started an organization to help women who are victims of domestic violence  and who end up in homeless shelters. Her organization provides new undergarments for the women. For more information or to make a donation visit http://www.womeninneedministries.org

Founder and Director of Distinguished Gentlemen of Spoken Word Honey Bell-Bey shares information about her organization and the young African American men who  make up the organization. The young men perform the poetry of famous poets as well as their own work. For more information visit http://thedistinguishegentlemenofspokenword.com

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