Kaleidoscope - 9/24/2017

Cleveland Clinic Physician and Founder of the annual Celebrate Sisterhood Summit talks about the 2017 event and what attendees can expect this year. For more information and to register call 855.897.7727 or visit http://www.clevelandclinic.org/CelebrateSisterhood2017

Vice President of the Cleveland Browns Foundation Renee Harvey and Chief Program Officer for The Centers for Families and Children Laura Chalker dissuss the Browns Give Back Program and  the two thousand day initiative underway at The Centers for Families and Children. For more information visit http://www.ClevelandBrowns.com/Foundation, on Twitter: @BrownsGiveBack  and on Instagram: @BrownsFoundation

Ram Mayekar is Division Manager for Apprisen. He explains how to know when you are in too much debt and how strategies to help pay down your debt. For more information call 216.231.5322 or 800.355.2227 or visit http://www.apprisen.com



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