What is BRILLiant Perspectives?

Growing up I was told “always, do the right thing.” It appeared to be simple enough advice. The difference between right and wrong seemed obvious at the time: Do well in school. Don't talk back to my parents. Don’t steal.

That pretty much covered it. 

It wasn’t until college that I started to comprehend how much gray existed. I began to realize “right” and “wrong” are complex concepts that are muddied by life experiences. And those experiences are often impacted by differences, such as socioeconomic backgrounds, race, gender and sexual orientation.  

In a quest to further educate myself and others about a world that extends beyond just our own, I have created BRILLiant Perspectives. It’s a podcast that uses sports stories to shed light on various social issues.

Throughout my career as a sports reporter, I have listened to a variety of people’s stories about the disadvantages of growing up in a low income community, athletes who’ve developed addictions and former sports stars now confined to wheelchairs.  While some stories have shocked me and others have inspired me, every story has given me another layer of perspective. Listening to the point of views of others has allowed me, for a moment in time, to see a glimpse of the world through another person’s eyes. 

By hearing and learning about the lens other people look through as they navigate their way in life, my personal views on many topics have been altered and I have also become a more compassionate person. Through my podcast, I want to enlighten others and share ideas and experiences that some may have never been exposed to before. Our society may not be able to find definitions of “right” and “wrong” that we can all agree upon. But through my podcast I hope we can at least acknowledge that behind our opinions, political parties and our experiences, there is a level of humanity that exists in all of us. If so,  different perspectives will enable us to respect each other individually, paving the way for our  intellect to help us progress collectively.