Coaster war? Is King's Island competing with Cedar Point for the most coasters?

MASON, Ohio - Kings Island Amusement Park announced plans for its 15th coaster Thursday night. How does that measure up with Cedar Point?

Spokesman Bryan Edwards said Cedar Point has 16 coasters. Both parks are owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.

The new 167-foot "Banshee" coaster at the amusement park near Cincinnati will cover more than 4,000 feet of track and include seven inversions. It will reach speeds of up to 68 mph over the two-minute, 40-second ride.

It's King's Island's largest investment at $24 million.

(See rides some of your favorite rides that are now missing at King's Island:

The new coaster will occupy the area where the ill-fated Son of Beast roller coaster once stood.

Banshee will be the world's longest inverted roller coaster when it opens in April 2014, according to park officials.

Banshee is Kings Island's second roller coaster designed by B&M. Diamondback, which opened in 2009, was the park's first.

The consulting engineering firm has had a hand in the design and creation of 23 of the top 50 roller coasters listed on the Amusement Today Golden Ticket Awards Top 50 Steel Coasters list for 2012. Five of those are listed in the top 10, including Diamondback.

B&M engineers have designed more top-ranked roller coasters than any other ride manufacturer on the list, according to Kings Island.

Clermont Steel Fabricators, in Batavia, made the inverted coaster.


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