'Captain America' crews thrill Cleveland crowds with stunts, explosions

CLEVELAND - Little Luca LaMastra was holding a six-inch action figure tightly in his hand in Huntington Park Tuesday morning.

He may have been within mere yards of the "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" movie crew, but his allegiance to Superman was apparent in blue, red and yellow plastic. His mother, Andrea, is the true Captain America fan, but Luca has all the facts.

"He's the expert. He's telling me everything that has to do with super heroes and Avengers," Andrea LaMastra said. "I have to ask him questions."

"We really are hoping to see Captain America, but we're not sure that's going to happen."

By early afternoon, the only actors seen by the few hundred fans lining the Shoreway bridge near FirstEnergy Stadium seemed to be villains and a stunt double, possibly standing in for actress Scarlett Johansson. She could be seen getting a serious workout jumping over concrete median walls and flying off of car hoods aimed her.

Most of the best views were from the Justice Center's windows facing north from each floor's judge's chambers.

But fans on the ground didn't seem to mind the lack of a bird's-eye view.

Heather Thompson from Auburn Township in Geauga County brought her teens and a friend. They all were hoping for an explosion or anything exciting. Hey, it's a free show.

"I mentioned it to the kids this morning. I asked my son Shawn. He thought it sounded cool, so we came, we parked, we walked," said Thompson. "Honestly, I want to see an explosion. It would be cool to see something like that up there."

For Lauren Voll, who works several blocks away, she isn't affected by the blocked traffic issues or the Shoreway's closing until June 14, she just thinks it's good for Cleveland.

"This is very exciting. I think it's a really a great thing for the city of Cleveland. I know there's been some controversy over the traffic, but I think it's something great for our city and to bring more people in to see our city, and bring in more revenue for us," Voll said. "I think for a few weeks of bad traffic, we can suck it up."

Filming for the new Captain America movie crews are expected to be in Cleveland shooting until the end of June.

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