'Draft Day' scenes featuring Kevin Costner shot at Shaker Heights home

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio - A typically quiet street in Shaker Heights became a Hollywood sound stage this week. "Draft Day," the major motion picture about the Cleveland Browns has been filming scenes on South Park Boulevard.

Crews started setting up at Shaker Heights Councilman Jim Brady's home over the weekend. His house was used for two scenes. Brady said he is not allowed to talk about the movie plot, but did tell NewsChannel5 some details.

"They filmed inside and outside of the house. The inside of the house is one of the draftee's homes. It's his draft party in Virginia. The outside is in Cleveland. It's the house Kevin Costner's character grew up in and his mom still lives there," Brady said.

Back in March, Brady said a representative from the Cleveland Film Institute asked if he'd be interested in allowing his house to be used in the film. At first, Brady admits he was hesitant but he changed his mind after the director, Ivan Reitman, stopped by for a visit. 

Brady said it's been a great experience for his family, especially his teenagers.

"In the scene on the inside, my kids were signed up as extras and actually got semi-speaking roles. So you might see them in the film. They were a little impatient at first but after they filmed the scene they thought it was pretty cool," said Brady.

Brady got a daily fee and a few other perks too. He gets to keep most of the items used to transform his home. 

Brady said, "They're taking the 55-inch TV though... I was hoping that stayed here."

Crews were expected to wrap up filming at Brady's home and another home on South Park Boulevard by Wednesday evening.

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