New Target commercial features music by two Shaker Heights natives

CLEVELAND - There's a good chance you've heard the catchy and uplifting song playing in Target's latest spring TV ad. What may surprise you is the song features two native Clevelanders.

"Sail into the Sun," by Gentlemen Hall, features two Shaker Heights natives -- bassist Rory Given and vocalist/guitarist Gavin McDevitt -- two longtime friends and graduates of Shaker Heights High School.

The Boston-based pop-synth group formed in 2008 and began their music career playing basement parties in Boston and New York.

In just five years, the six-man band has won the Billboard Dreamseeker Artist of the Year Award, the Billboard & Chevy's Battle of the Bands live showdown in Las Vegas and continues to receive texts, calls and messages from fans who continue to hear their latest track played in the national TV commercial.

McDevitt said the band was busy recording a new song in Cleveland when the commercial first aired.

"It was the night of the Grammy's and none of us had any idea it was going to debut," said McDevitt. "I must have received 50 text messages in a minute. Every one we knew was texting us, 'we just heard you during the Grammy's!' It was really exciting."

Given said his friends and family are very enthusiastic about the band's latest achievement.

"I like to think it set the explosive tone for 2013," Given said. "It's been aired like crazy, so people are still letting me know when they see it on this or that morning show, this primetime sitcom or that late-night talk show. I'm glad they aren't tired of it yet."

Gentlemen Hall just finished recording new songs in Cleveland and are preparing to release a new album in the near future.

"We love playing in Cleveland and plan to return to House of Blues or the Beachland Ballroom this spring or summer," McDevitt said.

Mobile users can watch the Target commercial on youTube here:

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