In a surprise twist for the first elimination on 'Dancing with the Stars,' one couple bows out

CLEVELAND - The first elimination for the 16th season of "Dancing with the Stars" is a dramatic twist.

First up, the show starts with a big opening number to remind us of all the dance filler we have to look forward to on these elimination episodes.

Mercifully, the first results. Soap star Ingo Rademacher and Kym are safe. I said, Ingo and Kym are safe. Host Brooke Burke actually had to repeat it three times because the acoustics are apparently that bad in that studio. Anyway, "Bachelor" Sean Lowe and Peta are safe, as are country singer Wynonna Judd and Tony. The first couple in jeopardy is boxer Victor Ortiz and Lindsay.

Ingo tweeted, "Thanks for all the love guy!"

Time for the traditional encore dance. But the judges didn't get to pick it this time. The show decided to let the viewers tweet who they wanted. No surprise, stunning Disney star Zendaya and Val redo their jive. If the show lets viewers tweet who they want encores from, that will pretty much telegraph viewer votes and reveal who the ultimate winner will be.

More results! Olympian Aly Raisman and Mark are safe. Now – a shocker! Flat-footed comedian D.L. Hughley and Cheryl are safe. Wuh? After those Frankenstein-walks he called dances? That means reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump and Gleb are in jeopardy. Gleb says, "I think you gotta sleep with Len." "You know what?" Lisa says, "I think I will." Judge Len Goodman is actually blushing.

D.L. tweeted, "The Judges on DWTS had me on Death Row but the Supreme Court (MY FANS) gave me a stay of execution!! Thanks so much!! #BoogieFantastic lives."

We get a performance from Icona Pop doing "I Love It." Everything is glowing neon pastel lights, which is timely because it looks like Easter in "Tron." With all the glowsticks galore, it must have been choreographed by someone with a fondness for ‘90s raves.

The show introduces us to new dance troupe members. Didn't they add like five last season? Don't bother to take notes or remember their names - there won't be a quiz later.

More results and – shocker (said sarcastically) – Zendaya and Val are safe. It took until now to tell us that? After all, they did get the most tweets for the encore dance. Also, country singer Kellie Pickler and Derek are safe, as are football star Jacoby Jones and Karina.

Josh Groban performs "Brave." But move over, Josh. The show introduces us to the "Murgalo." That's when people take pictures of themselves doing the inchworm in odd places. First planking, then the "Harlem Shake." What is this world coming to?

Results! Figure skater Dorothy Hamill and Tristan are safe. Actor Andy Dick and Sharna are in jeopardy.

After a commercial break, it's time for the final results. Host Tom Bergeron reveals that Andy and Sharna are safe after all. So it's between Victor and Lisa.

Tom then halts the elimination announcement to make…another announcement. Dorothy and Tristan come back out. She reveals, on doctor's advice, she has to withdraw from the competition due to risk of injury. A brave Dorothy apologizes to a very understanding Tristan.

"I wish I could give it my all and I can't," Dorothy says. "I wish I could stay but I can't do justice to the commitment."

Tom reveals that, due to Dorothy's bowing out, the unknown couple facing elimination gets a reprieve until next week. Between Victor and Lisa, it's hard to say who was on the chopping block. He probably does not have a big fan base on a show like this, but she did not do very well.

Lisa tweeted, "Yes it was a close shave tonight,love Dorothy Hamill so sad to see her go,we became super close..I guess we need to vote! Until next week xx."

The next episode airs Monday night at 8:00 on ABC. More information can be found at:

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