87.7 Cleveland's Sound radio host Archie Berwick to compete on TV game show ‘Let's Ask America'

CLEVELAND - A local radio host will compete Monday on the national TV game show 'Let's Ask America.'

Archie Berwick, 31, of Cleveland will compete with three others via Skype to win up to $50,000.

Berwick said he was skimming through Craigslist's arts and entertainment section when he stumbled across a casting call for the game show.

" I saw "Lets ask America" auditions, so I said 'hey, why not?'"

A month later, Berwick received a call to audition for the show.

"One week later they informed me that I was chosen to be a contestant and the journey began," he said.

Berwick said it was hard to pick a well-lit place to compete. He originally chose to tape the show from his work inside the 87.7 studios, but then changed the location to his basement.

"I was 10 minutes away from game time when the producers told me my light was bad, so they canceled me out for that show. I moved my background to my bedroom and finally recorded the show a week later," he said. "Lots of moving, but for a chance to be on TV, it's worth it." 

Berwick said it was a new experience using Skype. He's traditionally used to being in front of an audience, however, he did admit it was nice to relax at home.

He also admitted trying to figure out how others will answer made the game that much harder.

"The most difficult part is trying to tell your mind not to think like it normally does but, instead to try and think like the people whom they surveyed," Berwick said.

He said he enjoyed getting to see how the show is put together.

"I thought that was pretty amazing watching how hard all the producers, directors, interviewers etc. worked behind the scenes. And knowing that they deal with thousands of people a day how they still can smile and keep a great attitude," Berwick said.

"Life's about experiencing new things. Instead of always watching TV, why not become a part of it? I mean, we spend most of our time on computers anyways, might as well try and win some money and have a little fun. Record the show once it airs and invite the friends and family over to watch and laugh at you."

Tune in to NewsChannel5 at 7:30 p.m. Monday to watch Archie Berwick compete on 'Let's Ask America.'

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