The Bachelorette: Behind the scenes scandalous secrets and what happens in Fantasy Suite

Bachelorette winner reveals secrets

PHOENIX - On Monday nights, we swoon as "The Bachelor" franchise promises roses and romance.  

But this is a TV show with a production team making this reality show not totally real. Season 4 "Bachelorette" winner Jesse Csincsak dishes with us on the good, the bad and the scandalous, like what really happens in the Fantasy Suite. 

Jesse says producers don't push couples to have sex, but it does happen, and a lot more than you think. But Jesse says don't expect to see anything. While cameras aren't always around, every room is wired for sound.

Jesse says it takes about four to five days to shoot a two-hour episode. While Desiree gets a say in what she does on each date, it's the producers who pick who goes with her and when.

Even more shocking, Jesse tells us Des is forced to pick her final four guys on the first night, so the producers know which guys to focus on.

It isn't easy to get on the show. Jesse says you have to pass a mental stability test, FBI background check, blood test for STDs and a urine test that checks for drug use. And, yes, taking off your shirt on camera is part of the audition process.

There's also a stylist on set who says the Bachelorette goes through about 80 outfits per season that she gets to keep. The guys on the other hand get no help. They don't even get paid for their time on the show.

And it's no secret that not every winning couple experiences everlasting love. So, what happens to that engagement ring? Jesse says if the relationship ends in less than two years, the couple is required by contract to return the ring to the production company.

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