Who's the daddy? law says Kris Humphries is the father of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West baby

Who's the Daddy? Earlier this week, rapper Kanye West announced to the world during a concert that he and girlfriend, reality star Kim Kardashian are expecting a baby.

But get this, according to California law, NBA player Kris Humphries is the father of the baby because the former couple is still legally married.

Kardashian filed for divorce in October, 2011,  just 72 days after marrying Humphries.  But their split is not official yet.

Under California's Family Code, a man is presumed to be the natural father of a child if he is or has been married to the mother and the baby is born during the marriage or within 300 days of it ending.

There is no word from the West or Kardashian camps about this technicality. There is also no word on when Kardashian and Humphries divorce will be final.



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