Barbecue beginners: Five gifts for the outdoor cooking amateur, all under $50

CLEVELAND - Sure, the grill is important. But there are a wide range of barbecue tools and accessories that can help any beginner look--and cook--like a pro. 


1. Grill Surface Set With Grate Tool by GrillGate: $39.99 (2-panel set, includes grilling tool)

What's it for? The panels fit over any grill surface with a raised rail design that "amplifies heat, evens out hot and cold spots, reduces flare-ups and delivers excellent sear marks." DETAILS

2. Non-Stick Stuff-A-Burger Basket by Charcoal Companion: $16.97

What's it for? Ideal for grilling and flipping burgers. "This basket is designed to accommodate multiple mega burgers, like juicy 3/4 lb. burgers, stuffed with your favorite filling." DETAILS

3. Grill Station by Charcoal Companion: $16.50

What's it for? "Marinates, stores, chills and serves food and keeps accessories close at hand. It includes four essential pieces in the set to keep raw and cooked food separate while grilling. One large tray is clearly marked RAW. One large tray is clearly marked COOKED." DETAILS

4. Man-Law Digital Instant Read Meat Probe Thermometer: $9.99

What's it for? "Know when your BBQ is ready with the 7 preset meat types: beef, veal, lamb, pork, poultry, turkey, burger. Measure high temperatures in as quick as 5 seconds." DETAILS

5. Adjustable Burger Press by Outset: $7.99

What's it for? "Measures and dispenses patties for speedy prep. Makes 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 pound patties. DETAILS

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