Not all barbecue styles are created equal: How regional tastes vary across the United States

CLEVELAND - As any true barbecue expert can attest, there are a wide range of opinions on which part of the country produces the tastiest version of the classic American fare.

The food, travel and entertainment website Thrillist identifies seven varieties in its "A Field Guide to Regional BBQ Styles in America." Tasty morsels of information include:

  • Kansas City's "no meat is off-limits" approach, and "it's all cooked super-slow and super-low, preferably over hickory wood." 

The foodie site Lucky Peach doubles down on the number of barbecue styles in its "A Guide to Regional Barbecue of the USA," counting a whopping 14 versions.

  • This list includes Hawaii, Louisiana and Florida as having distinctly delicious barbecue worth trying.

The site VinePair offers a helpful map of nine distinct barbecue regions, with suggested wines for each in its "Wine Pairings for America's favorite styles of barbecue." Merlot goes best with St. Louis barbecue, apparently, while Pinot Noir is perfect for the South Carolina variety.

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