Video Vault Show is a Christmas special with a twist

Hosted by Leon Bibb and Tom Livingston

CLEVELAND - The fourth edition of Video Vault 5 presented by 650-GOLD is a Cleveland snow globe filled with holiday memories.

Mister Jingeling, the making of the movie "A Christmas Story" and parades (both downtown and at Southgate USA) are among the highlights of the half-hour WEWS vintage clip show.

Local WEWS celebrities populate the parades, but international stars Johnny Mathis and Halle Berry are involved in our Christmas fun.

A twist to the holiday show is a vintage commercial, a twist of orange juice that is.

Not seen on TV in decades, the Lawson's Big O orange juice ad will bring back memories of getting "that juice up to Lawson's in 40 hours."

Our video player contains the four segments which make up the show.


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