Ohio City's historic Franklin Castle renovations underway

Permit, plans under review

CLEVELAND - Renovations have begun on the historic Franklin Castle in Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood.

NewsChannel5 has confirmed with the City of Cleveland Department of Building and Housing that detailed building plans have been submitted and an application for a permit to make interior and exterior alterations was filed on Oct. 17.

At the castle property, located at 4308 Franklin Blvd. on the city's near west side, contractors have already been working. Lumber has been brought onto the site, fencing and landscaping has been replaced, boards have been removed from some of the structure's windows and lights and ladders can be seen inside. New "private property - no trespassing" signs have also been posted.

(PHOTO GALLERY: See images from inside the home - http://5.wews.com/qhhuL)

The castle dates to the early 1880s when it was built for Hannes Tiedemann, a wealthy businessman and banker. The property has changed hands numerous times over the years and has become the subject of folklore - including rumored haunting. Since a fire in 1999, the castle has been boarded up.

A NewsChannel5 camera crew was perhaps the last to document the condition of the building during a private tour given by a "caretaker." Watch the attached extra video to see inside the historic building.

According to the Cuyahoga County Auditor, the property was sold for $260,000 in August of 2011. The owner is listed as Oh Dear! Productions LLC. As of Oct. 25, auditor records also reflect a $9,933.26 delinquent property tax balance.

NewsChannel5 has learned that company is owned by a European woman - and it is she who is having the castle restored as a residence.

The architect on the project is Cleveland based, Robert Maschke Architects Inc. NewsChannel5 has reached out to both Maschke and the castle owner for more information.

Newsnet5.com has also put together pictures from another visit inside the Franklin Castle. Take a tour and learn more about the history and ghosts in this highly touted haunted house. Click here for the photo gallery.

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