Black Friday 2013: Are the deals worth shopping on Thursday or should you stay home?

A 32" LED HDTV for just $98! A 50" HDTV for $229! Sounds like Black Friday doorbuster deals.

The stores have really morphed this into a two-day event, according to Edgar Dworsky who is a consumer expert and owner of He says we may as well call it Black Thursday.

Last year it was just a few retailers offering door buster deals on Thanksgiving. The word got out that those retailers made some extra cash, so several others are joining in.

Walmart, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Old Navy, Target and the list goes on of retailers skipping Thanksgiving trying to get your money.

Some of the hot deals, according to Dworsky, were at Sears. They are offering a front load washer and dryer, both pieces for $799. They normally sell for $899 each.

Target has one of the best doorbuster deals on TVs. On Black Friday, they will have a 50" Elements TV for $229. That is an incredible price. Granted it is not a popular brand of TV but for that price, you can't pass it.

But what are the chances of you being able to get your hands on it with limited quantities on hand? Should you skip your Thanksgiving plans and head out to the stores?

When we asked Dworsky if we were going to find the lowest pricing on every single item, he said probably not.

I feel you can still find similar deals without having to deal with the crowds and skip on Thanksgiving shopping.

Here is an example: I found an RCA 32" LED with a DVD player built in for $199 at Sears online last week. One of Target's doorbuster deals is a Samsung 32" LED HDTV for $227.

Sure, I think Samsung is a better brand, but the RCA TV costs less money and comes with the DVD player.

So it's a good sign that if you miss out on some doorbuster deals, I think you will see similar deals pop up on Cyber Monday and even into December.

Plus a lot of these stores are offering the exact same doorbuster deals online like Amazon.

They will be selling a 50" HDTV for the same price as Target now. The only problem is we don't know exactly when Amazon will post this deal on their website.

If you are planning on heading out to the stores on Thursday, there are some things you can do now to help you score a few of these great deals.

According to Dworsky, do your homework. So that means right now you can go online to or You can see almost all the circulars that will be in Thursday's newspaper right now.

Plus Amazon just released their Black Friday plans and they started Sunday with new deals popping up on their site every 10 minutes.  

Dworsky added we are going to be celebrating Black Friday in August before you know it. I sure hope this is not the case. My advice is to do your research now. Sign up online and on the retailers' Facebook or Twitter accounts.

I believe there are plenty of deals for all of us to score, and I don't think Black Thursday/Friday will be the only days to get them.

I will be staying on top of any changes that occur throughout this Black Friday shopping season. Make sure to tune in to ABC15 on Thursday for the official start of Black Friday.

I will be looking and sharing with you some of the door buster deals or similar deals after they sell out.

Also go to my Smartshopper15 Facebook page and to keep updated on any new news and deals. 

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