Cedar Point Offers Discounts, Specials After Blackout

Those Who Have Letters Qualify

SANDUSKY, Ohio - Two weeks ago during the blackout, thrill seekers were stranded on roller coasters at Cedar Point.

Chris Dehart was among the disgruntled guests who wanted a refund, but got a form to fill out instead, according to Troubleshooter Chris Caswell.

"We were waiting in line for a ride and all of a sudden it got really quiet," he said.

A letter is now going out to those who filled out the paperwork.

It reads: Cedar Point apologizes for the disruption of park activities and offers free or upgraded admission to the theme park and discounted prices for 2004.

The letter also outlines the special offers.

To be eligible, you must have been in attendance Thursday, Aug. 14. When you go to the park, take a copy of the letter that park officials sent you, along with a photo identification.

Guests who stayed at a Cedar Point Resort Property and filed complaints will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Guests who have questions about the blackout readmission offers to Cedar Point can call (419) 609-2053. They may also obtain the information on NewsNet5 by clicking here.

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