Chase, PNC rolling out ATMs that dispense $1, $5 bills and even coins

CLEVELAND - Chase and PNC Bank are making ATMs a little more customer-friendly.

Both banks are rolling out new machines that dispense $1 and $5 bills, instead of the normal $20 bill.

Some even give out coins, $50 and $100 bills.

Just pick "Custom Denomination" at the ATM, and choose the bills you want.

Chase launched about 400 of the new ATMs over the last 18 months, and the bank said that number could double by the end of the year.

PNC has already upgraded more than half of its ATMs in the past year.

The rest will be upgraded by the fall.

Experts said ATMs providing exact change will help consumers with low account balances because they can withdraw smaller amounts, and won't have to worry about overdrawing their accounts.

The new ATM at Chase also allows customers to pay their credit card bills and load pre-paid debit cards, too.

For big business, this is all about efficiency.

These new "virtual tellers" are so advanced that the banks won't have to hire additional staff.

No word yet if other banks will follow suit.

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