United Airline service allows you to skip baggage claim and get bags delivered for a fee

CHICAGO - When you fly, are you impatient waiting for your bag at baggage claim? United Airlines is expanding its service that delivers your checked back to your final destination as long as it's within 100 miles of the airport. It's called Baggage Delivery by BagsVIP.

The service is now available for any traveler departing from a domestic airport and arriving in 36 cities including Cleveland. The program is eventually expected to include 190 domestic airports. The service has only been in operation for a month.

The service costs $29.95 to have one bag delivered within 40 miles, $39.95 for two bags and $49.95 for three to eight bags.

If you need your bags delivered between a 40- and 100-mile radius of the airport, there is an additional charge. Don't forget you'll also need to pay the standard checked-baggage fee.

Also, the airline is offering Premier Access benefits for any customer who wants to pay money to make their way through the airport faster. You can pay $9 per segment for expedited check-in and security checkpoint lanes along with priority boarding at applicable airports.

Only a certain number of passengers will be allowed to buy Premier Access benefit.

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