Best Valentine's Day Chocolate: Taste reveals the dark chocolate northeast Ohioans liked best

CLEVELAND - Chocolates and Valentine's Day always go hand in hand.  We've been on your side by handing out chocolates prior to the holiday all for a good reason.

We wanted to tell you which chocolates some people in Northeast Ohio like the best so you can get some ideas on a sweet treat for your sweetie this Valentine's Day.

"Chocolate is good (because it)…brightens your mood I guess,” laughed Kristen Swartz while standing near our chocolate taste test recently at South Park Mall. She was with Sean Garrow at the time. They are not a couple but they did take our taste together and share their Valentine's Day secrets.

“I like giving the chocolates that come with the little stuffed animal so that when they get it they can have something to hug onto and a nice treat to eat," smiled Garrow.

To help your special someone's sweet tooth this holiday, we put four different dark chocolates in bags and labeled them A, B, C, and D. We bought Godiva, Malley's, Ghirardelli, and Russell Stover. Our testers didn't know which brand was in the bags.

"I like that you can taste the cocoa,” said one tester during our experiment.

Joining the test were Chuck and Sue Joy, who are a couple. In fact, they've been sweet on each other for the past 40 years as husband and wife. "He usually gives me chocolate-covered strawberries because I'm a chocoholic. I love chocolate," laughed Sue.

Getting into our chocoholics test were Nick Hoeller and Kevin Sheldon.

"Chocolate is a giant part of Valentine's Day. If you don't get chocolate for a girl, then what's the point for her?" said Sheldon. He also told us he’s not afraid of putting money where his chocolates are. “I'd spend $100 on a box just to make someone smile.”

We bought a 10.6-ounce box of Godiva chocolates for $36 along with 16 ounces of Malley's for $19.95. The 5.25-ounce package of Ghirardelli dark chocolate was on sale for $3.50 and 12 ounces of Russell Stover's cost $12.99.

The most expensive per ounce was Godiva at $3.40, then Malley's at $1.25 per ounce, followed by $1.08 for the Russell Stover, and 67 cents for Ghirardelli.

Many of our testers had the same idea as Chuck. "If you buy a cheap box, that's what you're getting — cheap chocolate."

But after close to 50 people blindly tried all four brands, our results showed the top two in price were not the top two for taste. In fact, Russell Stovers came in first place.

"Did it really? Wow!” exclaimed Hoeller.

Sheldon picked bag “A” which was the Russell Stovers. “Wow!  Wow!” said Sheldon. “And I'm over here saying how much I'm going to spend on chocolate,” he added with a smile.

Swartz and Garrow also picked the Russell Stovers. “I think that is a great deal because good stuff for a cheap price? I will be there,” said Garrow with a big smile.

Ghiredelli came in second in our unscientific test and it was the cheapest per ounce. Godiva finished third and Malley’s came in fourth.

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