Tech, clothes & accessories: 3 best kinds of Cyber Monday deals you can find

CLEVELAND - Cyber Monday is the hot online shopping day that is the Internet's version of Black Friday.

It has become a huge boost to retailers and online merchants. In fact, Cyber Monday last year reached an all-time sales record. It saw 30% percent more sales than in 20-11.

The folks at said last year Cyber Monday hit $1.5 billion dollars in sales and this year it's expected to jump 10% to 15% more than that.

The three areas said you'll find the biggest savings this Cyber Monday are: technology with things like TVs, tablets, and cell phones, entertainment like DVDs and video games, and clothes and accessories should do well today. They saw an interesting trend. 

"We did find that the vast majority of working Americans do intend to do a little browsing on Cyber Monday during their workday," said Sr. Editor of Trae Bodge. 

"In fact, almost 25% of people said they were planning to spend half of their workday doing their Cyber Monday shopping," she added.

NewsChannel5 is not endorsing that, so, you shop at your own risk at work.

But one thing is for sure, after last year's nearly 200% jump in mobile shopping transactions and this year's numerous new apps, this Cyber Monday will be big.

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