Cyber Monday is good but other days that you shop online can save you, too

CLEVELAND - Most of us are planning to shop online this holiday season and some people will tell you the Cyber Monday event is the best time to hit deals on the Internet.  But some experts told us there are other days when you'll find deals online.

We teamed up with for an inside look at those other days when Internet shopping will save you cash.

When shopping for clothes, SmartMoney said look at Thursdays because that's the day "weekend" clothing discounts start.

Looking for books? SmartMoney told us prices are lowest on Saturdays, because web traffic is lowest then and web bookstores are clearing out overstock.

Airline tickets: Tuesday is your best bet. That's when the number of cheap seats is at its weekly peak.

And electronics: Mondays. I know there is Cyber Monday and you're bound to find great deals on electronics, but other Mondays will be good as well because SmartMoney said that's when manufacturers launch weekly discounts.

Local experts say online purchases just keep on growing. "I don't see anything stopping it or changing it," said Director of MBA Programs at Cleveland State University Elad Granot. "On the contrary, we really see a merging between our cyber purchases and our brick and mortar purchases," he added.

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