Jump start your fall do-it-yourself projects and save some serious money

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - Hard to believe, but fall officially starts Sunday. With the weekend here, you could knock out some projects around the house and save yourself some money.

Bob Urban stopped by the Home Depot in Strongsville just in time to do some of his own planting around the house this weekend.

"You probably save off what you pay for a construction guy or better sometimes," Urban said. "You just got to find the right material and stuff and just ask questions."

We took our questions to Jerry Karn, who is the garden department supervisor. He said as the season changes, it can be a scary time for your plants and lawn.

"Fall fertilizer is one of the most important times to put down fertilizer… To really establish a good root base in the winter so they can recover in the spring time," Karn said.

And after getting the bags you need?

"Every season you can put fertilizers on yourself at a significant cost reduction instead of hiring these guys you see out there walking up and down your yard spraying," Karn said.

He also told us one of the best things you can do right now to spruce up your home is to change out the front door or the storm door. It's definitely something you can do on your own.

"That's one of the biggest focal points for people walking up to your house," Karn suggested. "You got guests coming over, that's mainly what they're focusing on. We've got a staff here (at the Home Depot)… that can help anybody put on a door by themselves where you don't have to go out and spend a whole lot of money to hire a contractor to do that for you."

If you wanted to hammer out another great project, you could shake things up with a little paint to freshen the look of any room all by yourself.

"A lot of the prep work is a little consuming, but other than that anybody can do this," Karn said with a paint can in his hand. "You don't always have to hire a contractor."

Urban is certainly prepped for the rose garden this Saturday and Sunday.

"Well, Sunday I'm hoping to go fishing," Urban laughed. "But otherwise I'll be working in the yard."

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