Northeast Ohio woman says her Facebook account was duplicated & used in attempt to get money

AKRON, Ohio - Facebook users be warned. A message from what appears to be your friend may actually be from a thief wanting your money.

Jennifer Twigg-Kattoll of Akron was browsing her news feed on Facebook when a message appeared at the bottom of her screen.

"My friend, Beth, she messaged me and said hey I won some money from Facebook and I saw your name was on the list," Twigg-Kattoll explained.

The conversation continued and a link was provided. She clicked on the link, and that's when Twigg-Kattoll learned there was a twist.

"You pay $300, and they ship the money directly to your doorstep," Twigg-Kattoll explained. "I took heed in warning because I always learned you don't have to pay money to win money."

The poor grammar is the other red flag.

"At first I was really freaked out by it. I was scared," said Bethanie Memmer, whose Facebook account was duplicated.

Memmer's identity was used in the scheme. The thieves did a good job making the fake account seem like the real "Beth," contacting her friends through Facebook's messaging service -- and holding long conversations with them in a ploy to build trust and take their money.

"The information is the same. The only thing that is different is the number of friends that I have," Memmer explained.

To prevent more friends from getting duped, Memmer deleted her account.

You can also report the problem by going to the timeline, clicking on the gear, and selecting report page. Then tell Facebook why you are reporting that page.

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