October savings: Products you can save money on this month

CLEVELAND - Typically temperatures get cooler in October, but the savings when you shop are heating up. We're talking about the best things to buy in October.

We teamed up with TheStreet, a financial and business website.

They tell us right now is in between back-to-school season and the holiday rush with Cyber Monday and Black Friday. So, get ready to save.

This is the time to look for home appliances. It's a bigger purchase but bigger discounts.

"New models come out in October and November, so stores are looking to get the old merchandise out," said Ross Urken, personal finance editor for TheStreet.  "That allows you to net about 25% off washer/dryers or a dishwasher," he told us.

We found the Sears website touting fall savings and inside the washer-dryer bundles $630 off and $440 off. If you hit up the department or appliance stores themselves, then Urken has another tip.

"Actually go and look at the floor models, which you may have a subtle cosmetic blemish but it allows you a little bit of a bargaining chip with the retailer and doesn't really affect the functionality of your device," he said.

Computers could once again be a source for savings, especially laptops.

"Demand is a little bit lower for technology products," Urken described. "So, you can get about $100 off a new laptop, whether it's a new Apple Macbook Pro or a PC."

We found discounts of $150-$300 off on the newest versions of Macbook Pros with the 13-inch screens.

When you need a break from screen time, why not check out a gym. Membership prices are ready for a workout in the fall.

"You can actually get huge savings on gym memberships because it's not beach bod season and it's not yet New Year's resolution time," Urken said.

Anytime Fitness is advertising that you can join for just $8 on Oct. 8 and if you show your health insurance card, you get 20 percent off.

Then after the workout, you can sit and relax with a glass of wine, which is typically cheaper this time of year.

"With fall it's harvest season. It's grape-stomping season and you can get great values on wine," explained Urken. "You have all of these new vintages coming out from the vineyards. So, you're going to find great-tasting wine at excellent value."

We talked last month about how you can get a good deal on new cars. TheStreet says those deals get even better in October.

For example, a 2013 Mazda3 that usually runs about $20,000. You can get a discount of about $2,300, which equals about 600 gallons of gas.

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