Straight Talk iPhone plan is cheaper per month but you'll pay more upfront for the phone

Bentonville, ARKANSAS - You don't need to pay nearly $100 a month to have an iPhone. Walmart is now offering the iPhone 4 and 5 on its Straight Talk Wireless plans for $45 a month. There's also no contract and for that price you'll get unlimited talk, text and data.

Without a contract, you'll pay more money for the iPhone unless you buy a used, unlocked one online. When it's unlocked, it means it can work on any network. Straight Talk will sell the iPhone 5 for $649 for the 16 GB model, and the iPhone 4 will be $449 for the 8 GB model.

If you're considering this option, it might be cheaper to buy a used iPhone that is unlocked online. Make sure you buy from a reputable reseller.

While you pay more upfront for the phone, you're not attached to a long-term contract, and could save money in the long term.

In September, we told you how pre-paid plans like Straight Talk are becoming increasingly popular as consumers look for cheaper cell phone plans. The big three phone carriers also offer pre-paid plans with coverage for around $40-50 a month.

While Straight Talk advertises the plan as unlimited, some users complain that their data is throttled over 2 GB. The 5 on Your Side Consumer Unit spoke with the IT manager at Kent State University who switched to the Straight Talk plan with his Android phone to save money. He said he's heard about the throttling issues, and avoids any issues by staying under 2 GB of data a month.

You can purchase the phone and plan through Walmart or Straight Talk online.

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