The 5 On Your Side Electronics Guide: Latest, greatest, and best in tablets & laptops for holidays

CLEVELAND - We're on your side with the latest and greatest electronics for the holiday season. This time, we're talking tablets and computers.

Since its debut three-and-a-half years ago, Apple has reported that it has sold 170 million iPads.

That has made every computer company take notice and now the options are endless for you, the consumer.

Chris Ellis, from Cleveland, is checking out the Sony Vaio Flip laptop/tablet.

"I like the actual versatility of it. I like the fact that you can flip it around, make it a tablet, make it a laptop," Ellis said.

Since tablets have taken off in popularity, laptops are taking off some of their identities, too.

Some quite literally like the Surface Pro 2 for $900 with detachable keyboard.

"The major appeal is the fact that you can get the best of both worlds. You've got the portability of a tablet and the power of a PC," said Bryan Szwec, who works at the Best Buy in Brooklyn, Ohio.

There are all kinds of these new devices like the Flip Touchscreen Ultra-book for $1,100 at h.h. gregg. Even desktops are playing their best transformer-like roles. The HP Touchsmart PC is $1,000.

"It's your regular computer, that you can use, right?" demonstrated Chris Brynner, who is the electronics manager at h.h.gregg. 

"But now I can flip, making it into a tablet again," he continued, as he folded down the big screen flat on the table.

Consumer Reports likes the Galaxy Note 8 that comes with a stylus at $380.

"It's a great multi-tasker," said Consumer Reports Electronics Senior Editor Mike Gikas. "You can write with the stylus and it has a handwriting recognition tool," Gikas added.

CR likes the new iPads starting at $499.  It also recommends the MacBook Pro series, which is a more traditional laptop.

"The new Macbook Pros are coming packed with lots of power and performance and portability," Szwec from Best Buy told us.

You can find tablets and turn-around combinations like the Lenova Yoga tablet for $1,000 along many store displays. There are also tablets made just for kids. Five and up: Samsung offers a 7-inch tablet for $230 and Nabi has the same sized screen for $180.  But, there are even tablets for 3 year-olds and younger like the Nabi Jr. for $140.

"(It) has Nick Jr. so they can play with that," said Brynner from h.h.gregg. "Take it on a trip as a camera. So it's great for little kids as well to learn and develop their skills," he added.

Whatever the age or design, people like Ellis are excited about the new options for computers and tablets.

"I love gadgets. I love technology. Spend probably a lot of money on it," he mentioned with a laugh.

Consumer Reports also likes the new Kindle HDX that costs about $230.

The magazine reported that while the new Kindle doesn't have the multi-task ability as some of the higher end tablets, it has a sharp screen.

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