Summer shopping: What should you buy and what should you avoid purchasing in July

Don't Waste Your Money

When to buy and when to wait: It's a question a lot of shoppers ask themselves.

Since it's July, many of us are either at the pool, on the beach or wish we were at a pool or the beach.

But if you don't mind spending some time shopping, you can find some great deals.

Back to School Means Big Summer Savings

Back to school shopping is still a few weeks a way, but the money saving experts behind the website say this is a great time to start looking for all sorts of deals.

Why? Stores need to clear out summer merchandise to make room for crayons, backpacks and all sorts of school supplies. This means things stores will be slashing prices to things like patio sets.

This is also the right time to purchase your next barbecue grill, especially since stores like Target and Walmart are set to scale back their outdoor departments.

Some other things the experts with Deal News say are great to purchase during July are things like sandals, swimsuit and all types of summer clothing. In many places, July is toward the end of the summer season so stores need to sell what they can.

Can You Wait Just A Few More Weeks?

While there are some hot deals during July, there are some things you should hold off on purchasing.

Deal News experts say this is not the time to purchase sunglasses because they're in hot demand right now.

Another thing you should avoid purchasing is sheets, blankets and bedding. Labor Day brings big white sales that would be great for that new bed set.

Finally, if you're looking for a new laptop or tablet computer, start looking now so you know what you want. But hold off for about two more weeks.

Big laptop markdowns start right after the Fourth of July, when back to school shopping is in full swing.

Shopping smart this July is the hot thing this summer. That way you Don't Waste Your Money.


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