Earlier hours at stores cut into Thanksgiving meal

PARMA, Ohio - With Black Friday now officially underway stores opened their doors much earlier than normal this year, which lead to a different type of shopping experience for some.

"Did you get to enjoy your Thanksgiving Dinner yet?" NewsChannel5 asked a woman standing towards the front of the line.

"No, not yet," answered Heather Keys, who made sure to be in line early for the store's 5 p.m. open this year.

Quickly after the first line made it through, customers were casually walking in and out, and only waiting a few minutes to get in if there was a small line.

"While I was driving here I'm like, 'God it's like a ghost town.' Last year it was a traffic jam trying to get here," said Alecia Martin.

And it worked for her because she was able to get what she needed right away.  That's what store managers say they're working towards: waves of customers and not the traditional midnight dash we're so used to seeing on TV.

The way to do this?  Through deals.

"We have deals that started at 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. We have midnight deals and then we also have 5 a.m. deals so it's a kind of continuous flow all day long," said Parma Toys R' Us Store Manager, Joy Delaney.

It may have added to shopper safety with less people crammed in stores, but that doesn't mean shoppers are willing to give up the Midnight Madness deals like the ones at Aurora Farms.


"It's tradition for me," said Carrie Moss, "My daughter and I go out every year and we shop all night.  We have stories.  We laugh about it and we have fun."

Moss and her daughter-in-law said the "madness" would be all stores keeping their doors open all Thanksgiving Day.

"That's too much.  That's too much.  Let people at least enjoy their Thanksgiving," said Moss' daughter-in-law.

For the complete list of deals and hours, visit NewsChannel5's Shop on the Run page. 

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