Joe the Coupon Guy has tips on negotiating your next car purchase

CLEVELAND - The Auto Show is in full swing at the I-X Center.

It can be the perfect opportunity to check out news cars without being pressured to buy.

When you do go to buy a car, there are few steps you can take to make sure you don't get ripped off.

Joe Daugirdas, also known as Joe the Coupon Guy, says you should do some research online to see what the actual cost is of the car you are looking at buying.

Car dealers will sell you a car at a certain amount above invoice cost. If they have factory-to-dealer incentives or other incentives, you can try to get a car $100 above invoice.

Be ready to negotiate. Get price quotes from at least three dealerships. Let the dealership know you are price shopping. Put pressure on them to put the best deal on the table and be ready to leave if they don't.

If the model is popular, it may be more difficult to get a great deal.

Don't buy a new car just because you want one. Be sure you can afford it.

If you are looking for a used car, check the car's background through or These sites will give you the car's history for around $25. Knowing the history of your car may save you thousands. Also, have an independent mechanic inspect the car.


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