NewsChannel5 compares prices on common classroom items to find lowest cost on school supplies

Local retailers push 'back-to-school'

BROOKLYN, Ohio - Which retail stores offer the best deals on school supplies? NewsChannel5 visited Walmart, Target, Marc's, Staples and Dollar General to compare prices on common classroom items.

Twelve school items were priced at each store. Manufacturer brands and sizes were not identical. Instead, the lowest-priced available item was used in the real-world survey.


The items used in the comparison were six spiral bound notebooks; six 2-pocket folders; a large three-ring binder; multi-packs of pens, pencils, crayons, colored pencils and a plastic pencil case; lined filler paper; a ream of computer printer paper; a backpack and soft-sided lunchbox.


The total cost by store were as follows:


Marc's -- $22.54

Walmart -- $25.57

Target -- $32.57

Dollar G. -- $36.25

Staples -- $37.81*


A $5.99 mail-in-rebate for printer paper from Staples was not redeemed.


Shoppers should be advised as school start dates approach that many of the lowest priced items may not be available at some stores.

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