North Eastern Ohio Fire Protection Association: House fires kill 2,500 and injure 12,600 annually

PARMA, Ohio - The statistics are startling but it is possible to survive a house fire.  

Each year, house fires kill 2,500 and injure 12,600 people. Your chances of surviving a fire diminish greatly if you don't have working smoke detectors. You need one on every level of your home, inside each bedroom and one outside each bedroom.

Once the smoke detector goes off, fire experts say, you also must have an escape plan. 

"Fires hit quickly. You need to know two ways out of every room and practice it. You never know when that fire will start, what time of day or night. You have to be ready,"  said John Desmarteau, Assistant Fire Chief of Middleburg Heights Fire Department.

Once you make it outside, stay outside. Never go back into a house. 

Fire officials said 90 percent of people that go back inside end up dying. There's a very good chance the loved ones or pets they were looking for were already outside.

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