Cleveland leaders respond to I-90 eastbound closure, additional officers to help with traffic issues

Innerbelt Bridge I-90 EB closed until Mon. 6 a.m.

CLEVELAND - The City of Cleveland is taking steps to deal with major traffic delays that are expected along a number of highways through this coming weekend.

The eastbound side of the Innerbelt Bridge, I-90 EB between I-490 & I-77, will remain closed until Monday, Nov. 25 until 6 a.m.

Cleveland Safety Director Martin Flask told 5 On Your Side that 15 additional traffic control officers will be in place to handle Friday's morning rush hour.

"We will have additional traffic officers deployed to help with what we anticipate as some confusion on the part of some motorists who still haven't seen all the public notices and advisories that have been disseminated," said Flask.

Cleveland's Division of Traffic Control will put up additional signs to handle all the detours, and it is recommended commuters use the Shoreway to get into the city.

Motorists can use Lorain or Detroit Road to make their way east into the city, but keep in mind there are many lights along that stretch of roadway.

Westsiders who commute into downtown will not have access to the Innerbelt Bridge during Friday morning's commute. This means major delays for the Friday morning ride, especially on I-90 EB, I-490 EB, Jennings NB and I-71 and I-77 NB.

Heading north, drivers can use Pearl Road or W. 25th Street instead of the congested northbound routes. Broadway Avenue and Woodland Avenue are also options when the highways are backed up.

I-71 NB backs up regularly during the morning rush because there is only one lane of traffic north of Jennings Freeway.

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