Cleveland residents track down illegal dumping suspect

Residents who report dumping could get reward

CLEVELAND - David Reuse is proof residents must play a role in helping to stop illegal dumping.

Cleveland police said Reuse helped to track down a dumping suspect by quickly responding when he saw it in action in his neighborhood.

"I observed the suspect's vehicle here on Storer Avenue, just before West 54th here," Reuse said. "I watched him back into the driveway. I went around the block, at which time I came back and he was actually in the driveway with his bed fully extended dumping the load of debris."

Reuse took out his smartphone and took pictures of the truck, but seconds later was given a scare as the truck sped toward him and his son at the scene.

"He came out of the driveway, tried to ram into us," Reuse said. "I used a telephone pole as a block between myself and him. He swerved to the left here, tried to hit us this way. As I backed up, that gave him the opportunity to flee south on West 54th Street."

Reuse called police, who quickly joined the chase. Reuse explained the suspect bailed out of his truck minutes later and was caught after a 5 minute-foot chase.

Reuse's son, Dave R. Reuse, also helped to find the suspect.

"It's amazing how desperate he was to get away," said the younger Reuse. "He was willing to run somebody down, driving through neighborhoods full of children at 50 miles an hour, not stopping at any stop signs."

Cleveland police identified the suspect as William M. Angel, 22, of Cleveland.

Angel has been charged with illegal dumping and two counts of felonious assault for allegedly trying to use his truck to hurt Reuse and his son.

The older Reuse told NewsChannel5 he's been trying to find the people responsible for dumping 100 yards of debris in his neighborhood since January.

Reuse showed 5 On Your Side dozens of photos of debris dumped on West 54th Street over the past several months.

He said he believes residents need to get involved, and help make arrests.

"It's up to the residents to call the police. If you don't call, the police can't respond," Reuse said. "If you call police on the illegal dumping, there's a rewards program. It's one half of the fine the suspect is ordered to pay."

In Cleveland, residents can call the illegal dumping hotline at 216-664-3867 or by contacting the Cleveland Division of Waste Collection and Disposal.

Suspects convicted of illegal dumping in Cleveland face a minimum fine of $750 and 30 days in jail.

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