Lorain woman has her car mistakenly repossessed

Victim claimed the tow damaged her vehicle

LORAIN, Ohio - Lesley Lopez of Lorain enjoys driving her 2004 Dodge Stratus, but on Nov. 24 her vehicle was unexpectedly towed from her driveway.

Lopez told NewsChannel5 she tried to explain to the tow truck operator that she actually owned the car. Lopez even showed him the title, but he still took the vehicle and told her she was behind on payments.

"He was being rude and yelling at me saying I don't care, he demanded the keys, and I said 'I'm not giving them, it's my car, it's all I got.,'" said Lopez. "I need my car to go to the hospital."

Lopez said she also showed the tow truck operator her final payment receipt, but she explained how he hooked up her car, and raced out of the driveway.

"When he sped out from the back he just went straight, and just ripped the car, and did a turn, and went out of the driveway really, really fast," explained Lopez. "You could hear his tires, he was pushing a lot of gas, and he just flew off."

Lopez contacted Amin Auto Sales in Lorain about the incident, the place where she purchased and financed her vehicle.

Amin Auto admitted a communication mistake between its office and the repossession company caused the repossession error.

Lopez said her Dodge was released 36 hours later, but showed NewsChannel5 the body and wheel damage she claimed was caused by the tow.

"If you're on the highway, you can't drive very fast because it will start making a noise and it will start shaking, and it didn't do that before," said Lopez. "Then he told me he's not paying for any damages to the car, and I said 'No, you have to pay because you messed up my car.'"

5 On Your Side contacted Amin Auto, and the repossession company about this case, and both companies responded immediately.

Both companies agreed to work together, and will now pick up the cost to allow Lopez to take her vehicle to a repair shop of her choice to ensure it's operating correctly.

Consumers making auto payments directly to a used car dealer should pay close attention to their payment schedule and remaining balance at all times.

Consumers should speak with the dealership often and work with them to insure payments have been logged and are on time.

The Better Business Bureau has more advice on how to stay current with auto payments and hopefully avoid confusion, or having your car repossessed.

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