NewsChannel5's Building Better Neighborhoods teams up with Summit County Habitat for Humanity

Vacant Akron home deconstructed, recycled

AKRON, Ohio - Habitat for Humanity Summit County is firmly rooted in the recycling business, now taking apart condemned homes and reselling the parts at it's Akron Restore location.

NewsChannel5's Building Better Neighborhoods and the City of Akron are working with Habitat for Humanity in taking down vacant homes that can't be saved.

WEWS volunteers, along with Habitat home salvage experts, are at the scene at a home on Morgan Avenue, extracting reusable doors, windows and siding.

"It's wonderful to have NewsChannel5 involved in the process," said Habitat President Rochelle Fisher. "We hope to recycle more condemned homes in the future."

In fact, Habitat is scheduled to take down 25 vacant homes in 2013, with the help of Akron's Demolition Department.

"This is great way to keep all these items out of local landfills, and give these windows and doors a new life," explained Fisher. "All proceeds from the sale of these items go back to Habitat, so we can repair and build new homes for the needy."

Habitat's Akron Restore is located on Romig Road, and is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. In most cases, home improvement experts can find good recycled building materials at 50 percent discount over retail prices.

Continuing coverage of the Habitat for Humanity Akron home deconstruction project can be found here on and in live reports on NewsChannel5 on Friday, at 5, 6 and 11 p.m.

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