Olmsted Township backyard volleyball court causes neighbors to complain

Residents upset with noise, lighting and vehicles

OLMSTED TOWNSHIP, Ohio - It's not everyday you hear about residents dealing with a so-called "semi-pro" volleyball court set-up in their neighbors backyard.

It's a reality being faced by Bob Rusnak of Olmsted Falls and several other residents who contacted NewsChannel5 about a volleyball court set up in their neighborhood since 2010.

"Initially, when this started back in 2010, we didn't think that big of a deal of it. Oh, they're just putting up a volleyball court," Rusnak said. "But now this thing has expanded and they play three, four nights a week."

The volleyball court was constructed by two next-door neighbors, a project that spans their backyards. The court is regulation size, complete with tons of sand, parking lot lighting and a professional net.

Rusnak admitted to NewsChannel5 his neighbors obtained the proper zoning variance to construct the court and run power to the lighting equipment. 

But Rusnak claims the volleyball events have gotten out of hand with nearly a dozens cars parked out front, the powerful court lighting running until 10 at night. Rusnak and other neighbors who contacted NewsChannel5 claim noise is also an issue.

"The noise factor isn't really that loud, but it's the pulsing of the ball, boom, boom, boom," Rusnak said. " It really gets to you. There was one night I was trying to take a nap around 6:30, I had my windows closed at my house and I'm five doors down, but I could actually hear that through the walls of my bedroom."

NewsChannel5 contacted one of the neighbors who built the volleyball court. The neighbor didn't want to be identified, but said he's done many things to keep his neighbors happy.

He showed NewsChannel5 how he put up additional fencing, installed special shades on all lighting equipment and ran sound checks to prove noise from his events don't exceed levels that are beyond the sound of traffic in front of his home.

The owner of the volleyball court also agreed to meet with all of his neighbors to reach a solution that will hopefully make the situation right for everyone.

Meanwhile, Rusnak told NewsChannel5 he and other neighbors met with the Olmsted Township Trustees, but he explained there is little they can do.

"The trustees, we had a meeting a week and a half ago, all they basically told us was you're on your own and good luck," Rusnak said. "The trustees said you guys have to resolve it yourself. Well, we don't even talk to each other, there's no way to resolve anything."

NewsChannel5 contacted the Olmsted Township Trustees about this case, but none of the trustees would talk to us on camera. However, the trustees pledged to work with residents in that neighborhood in the search for a solution.

NewsChannel5 urged both sides in this dispute to open the channels of communication.

We'll keep you updated on this developing story here on newsnet5.com, and on NewsChannel5.

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