Strongsville mother told 1-year warranty on iPod expired 6 months before she bought it at Sam's Club

Told warranty was expired on brand new unit

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - Jennifer Carley thought she bought her daughter the perfect Christmas gift, an IPod Touch 4, but after the unit failed she's having a tough time getting it replaced under warranty.

Carley showed NewsChannel5 her receipt form Sam's Club, she bought the iPod for $179 back on Dec. 14, 2012.

Several weeks ago Carley claims the unit overheated, causing sparks and smoke to come from the unit and from the charger, which was plugged into a power strip.

Carley told NewsChannel5 the incident startled her 8 year old daughter.

"She just went over and she picked it up, she wasn't touching anything else, and she screamed," said Carley. "There was smoke coming from the outlet, and she dropped it. "Now I can't charge the iPod, every time we plug it in, it overheats."

Carley went to the Apple store in North Olmsted to get the unit replaced under warranty, but was stunned to learn the warranty had already expired.

"They explained to me that Sam's Club had already activated the warranty in 2011, so the warranty was expired mid 2012," explained Carley. "I went to Sam's Club and they told me there is no way they would have activated the warranty on a new unit."

Carley reports she contacted Apple once again, but it has so far refused to honor the warranty on the unit, even though she presented her dated receipt from Sam's Club to Apple customer service.

NewsChannel5 contacted Apple Corporate Headquarters, and the company responded immediately.

NewsChannel5 sent along a copy of Carley's Sam's Club receipt, and Apple quickly reset the warranty on Carley's iPod.

Apple told NewsChannel5 it had no record of Mrs. Carley contacting AppleCare.

Carley can now go to the store and get a new unit for her daughter.

"I'm not sure where the breakdown is, but I just want it replaced so that I know it's okay," said Carley. "I should have it replaced because I have a warranty on it."

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