Unique personal safety devices ranging from $9 to $1,400 can help you ward off attackers

CLEVELAND - We want you to get out alive from any kind of threatening situation so, as part of our "5 On Your Side Survival Guide," we're looking into personal safety devices to ward off attackers.

There are many different kinds of products ranging from $9 to $1,400. However, before you start carrying one of these weapons, you'll want to examine your options.

We found many items online through an organization called Women On Guard.

It offers Mace and pepper sprays, stun guns, and Taser devices that can help you get away from someone wanting to do you harm. We found simple pepper sprays that you can attach to your key chain for about $9 to sprays that are designed to look like lipstick or a pen.

Those are a bit more expensive but still under $20. There are stun guns ranging from $20-$60. One called The Runt carries a big zapping punch and it costs $30-$40.

The Taser C2 is another weapon, but unlike a stun gun the Taser shoots out metal prongs that stick into an attacker, zap them for a number of seconds, and then you can run away.  Depending on the model, Taser devices can cost $300 to $1,400.

However, when considering a safety device, we found out from Criminal Justice Instructor Mike Stone at Polaris Career Center that in addition to your weapon you need to have a back-up plan if that weapon does not work. 

Stone told us you should invest in a self-defense class where you learn how to throw a punch and a kick and understand what physical techniques will get you out of a number of violent situations. 

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