City Asks Residents To Conserve Energy

FirstEnergy Taking Precautions Against Rolling Bla

CLEVELAND - The city of Cleveland division of Cleveland Public Power and FirstEnergy Corp. are asking residents and businesses to conserve energy Wednesday and Thursday.

FirstEnergy and CPP are not expecting any rolling blackouts the next two days. However, the power companies are asking for widespread conservation.

"Although we have been able to restore power to all of our citizens, we still need to be careful about the amount of energy we generate, said Jim Majer, CPP commissioner. "We don't want to overload the system while it recovers from the stress of last week's blackout."

Big businesses have been asked to voluntarily scale back their power usage today.

And the general public is being asked to used fans rather than air conditioners. The company also urges people to not use their dryers, dishwashers or any other unnecessary electronics.

FirstEnergy expects heavy electricity usage today due to the 90-degree weather. The company reported that it has capacity issues in its system following Thursday's blackout.

If the company has to implement rolling blackouts, FirstEnergy said that it will get the word out first. Rolling blackouts last week lasted about two hours once the power went down.

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