Consumer Reports rates top diet plans, releases rankings

The new year is a time for resolutions, and one of the most popular is to lose weight. Many people will try a variety of diets and weight loss programs in the days ahead. Consumer Reports has rated some of the more popular plans, and released its ratings Wednesday morning.

Near the top of the list of best diet plans was MyFitnessPal. It is a do-it-yourself diet that features tools and apps that can be accessed on the Internet or through a mobile device. The eating plan is designed by the individual dieting and is easy to follow. It helps track exercise and calories consumed. Plus, there is a forum of other dieters to provide support and help.

Among the commercial weight loss plans, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig rated high, though Weight Watcher was the clear leader in the rankings. Under Weight Watchers there are no foods dieters are required to buy. Dieters can attend meetings for instruction and support, and they can track the foods they are eating, as well as their weight loss online.

Nutrisystem was the lowest-rated commercial plan. Consumer Reports said more than a third of those surveyed who tried it did not like the plan's food. On the Nutrisystem plan, dieters purchase meals that are delivered to the individual's home.

The Consumer Reports ratings are based on a survey of more than nine thousand dieters.

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