Back-to-school savings: 8 ways to save money on college textbooks

CLEVELAND - Textbooks are the largest expense after tuition and housing.

But US News and World Report says the No.1 way to save money is steer clear of the campus bookstore, equating it to buying groceries from the corner convenience store. Convenience costs more money. Shop online instead.

More tips include:

  1. Buy used, and again online
  2. Share books. Split the cost with friends- then arrange a study schedule
  3. Liberal arts books can often be found in the library, especially fiction. Ordering ahead of time insures no wait.
  4.  Rent books.
  5. Kent State University's rental, digital and used textbooks program has saved students $5.5 million in the last four years.
  6. Opt for e-books. Buying or renting them is cheaper than traditional books.
  7. Consider buying the older edition, but research first to make sure there are no major differences.


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