Bedford teacher turns Boston explosion tragedy into a teachable moment

BEDFORD, Ohio - Bedford High School social studies teacher Kevin Vargyas altered his lesson plan after the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

Students in every one of his classes Tuesday had a discussion about the tragedy.

"This is the 9/11 of your generation," he told them.

Vargyas said he wants his students to see that there's a change in the norm that we live in.

"They need to become more active and more interested in the world that they live in," he said, "to better themselves and better our country and make the world go round."

Bedford High track team members Deon Carter and Aliyah Wright were devastated when they heard about the bombing. As runners, they felt a certain bond with the marathon runners.

"It just makes me question the world," Wright said. "Like when I grow up, I don't know what it's going to be like."

Carter said he's angry.

"If it was an organization that had something to do with outside the country, why isn't our government on top of it?" he asked.

Carter said he's thinking of running in the Cleveland Marathon, despite what happened in Boston.

"It gives you pause, second thoughts about doing it. But I want to do it because of the people that experienced what they experienced," he said.

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