President of Cleveland Teachers Union sues Strongsville City Schools Board of Education

CLEVELAND - The president of the Cleveland Teachers Union is suing the Strongsville City Schools Board of Education for information about teachers and subs who taught during the Strongsville teachers' strike.

David Quolke said he made a public records request to the board in March, asking for the teachers' names, addresses, phone numbers, employee identification numbers and payroll information. When the board refused his request, he filed a complaint in the Eighth District Court of Appeals.

"My goal is to find out who was in front of these kids," Quolke said in a telephone interview.

When asked what he will do with the information if he wins this case, Quolke said he'll look at who they hired and analyze the data.

The Cleveland Teachers Union filed a similar case in 2002 against the Maple Heights School District. The union president at that time was Richard DeColibus.

According to a 2002 article published by the Columbus Education Association, the judge ordered the school district to hand over the information and the teachers' names were later printed on posters for public display across the Cleveland School District.

A ruling in the Strongsville case could come at any time after July 22.

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