Strongsville City Schools file unfair labor practice charge against teachers' union

Teachers' union sends home letter

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - The Strongsville City Schools Board of Education has filed an unfair labor practice charge against the Strongsville teachers' union and a letter written by a teacher representing the union was sent out to parents.

The teachers are threatening to strike on Monday.

Friday's charge relates to alleged behavior of members of the Strongsville Education Association at the negotiation site this past Monday.

The school board said 100 people gathered in the parking lot and physically barricaded themselves to prevent the negotiation team from leaving.

In a news release from Board President David Frazee, he described the scene as:
"…an angry mob of SEA members confronted the SCS negotiation team while they walked to their vehicles, physically barricaded themselves to prevent them from leaving, pounded on vehicles and jumped on the hood of a BOE designated bargaining representative's vehicle. It also mentioned that SEA members forced their way into the building and chanted loudly."

The Strongsville Education Association sent a letter addressed to parents home with students Friday. The first line reads, "As your child's teacher, I believe it is my duty to let you know that I may be on strike Monday."

They urge parents to contact the Board of Education with the following 10 questions they say the superintendent was unable to answer at the most recent board meeting:

1. Who is conducting criminal background checks on prospective substitutes and how long will they take?
2. Will the Board of Education guarantee that no one will be placed in a substitute role until s/he has successfully completed a criminal background check?
3. Will the replacement in the classroom be highly qualified by national standards to fill the grade level or subject they are placed in?
4. How will the district handle the administration of the upcoming OGTs?
5. How will the replacements handle my child's special needs, IEP or 504 accommodations?
6. How will the replacements prepare my child for upcoming AP Tests?
7. How will the replacements be made aware of my child's allergies and other medical concerns?
8. How will the replacements be able to identify an intruder? Have they had the recent Active Shooter training sessions that many of the district's teachers have already completed?
9. Will grades that the replacements may issue be considered valid and will they count toward graduation?
10. Will students who do not attend by punished or charged with truancy?

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