Strongsville High School teacher who crossed picket line during strike finds her belongings ruined

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - Posters stepped on, paper lanterns torn, and a desk and filing cabinet moved.

A Strongsville High School Spanish teacher that crossed the picket line returned to work Tuesday to find many of her classroom belongings ruined. 

Maria Schleich said she was told by administrators to move her belongings to another classroom during the strike for safety reasons. 

Sometime on Monday, her belongings were moved back to her classroom, but many were damaged in the process.  She said she believes it was done deliberately.

"The kids came into the room with me. We all looked at it and then stopped. It was not expensive damage, it was just spiteful, bullying damage type of thing,"  Schleich said during a phone conversation Tuesday night.

Schleich is not sure who damaged her belongings, but police were called. 

"I was expecting not to be spoke to. I was not expecting my department to be so proactive at bullying people," she said.

Schleich said a couple of the teachers received her with open arms, but a majority turned their backs on her. 

"They didn't say a word or made little nasty comments. But that's expected when someone crosses the line," she said.

Schleich said she wasn't the only one to have a difficult day at school.

"There's another teacher that crossed and another counselor that were in tears today. There was even support staff that didn't even cross and was in tears today because of the way they were treated,"  she said.

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