Strongsville teachers' strike hits week 3 with high school trips canceled

STRONSGVILLE, Ohio - As the Strongsville teachers' strike entered its third week Monday, the school district canceled two student trips due to a lack of chaperones.

"Because trip chaperones and advisers are primarily teachers' union or Strongsville Education Association (SEA) members, the high school student trips intended for March of this year are no longer sanctioned, sponsored, or supported by Strongsville City Schools," Superintendent John Krupinski said, in a news release.

The trips were scheduled for Honduras and Chicago.

Meanwhile, teachers took their picket signs to the home of school board member Ruth Brickley Monday night.

"We have people out here to show their commitment to getting a fair contract," SEA president Tracy Linscott said.

Also on Monday, the North Eastern Ohio Education Association reported that its headquarters in Garfield Heights was vandalized shortly after a news conference by the Strongsville Education Association on Saturday.

Cleveland State University Professor of School Administration Dr. Paul Williams said both sides should find a way to end the strike.

"Generally speaking, what happens in a strike like this is that both sides just wear down and at that point, and who knows when that point's going to be reached, at that point then there is a giving in and the mediator's able to come to terms," he said.

Under Ohio law, contract disputes can also be settled with binding arbitration, where both sides accept a settlement. Williams said both sides would have to agree to arbitration.

Williams, a former school superintendent, has been through a strike himself, and he said there are consequences for years after it ends.

"The big thing is there are no winners," he said, "and the hurt and the wounds that happen during a strike, things that are said aren't easily forgotten. So both sides will live with the effects of this strike for years, and years, and years."

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