Hottest diet trends for 2013: Detox, HCG Diet, going vegetarian and/or gluten free

We talk with a dietician, a doctor and a health food restaurant manager to bring you the three hottest diet trends -- with different takes -- for 2013.

1. Detox: The number one diet trend from dietician Jenni Klufa is a detox. She hears about them from clients all the time. As Nutrition Services Director for Sky Fitness, she decided to create her own detox, rather than approve a plan for a client that she didn't necessarily think was the right way to cleanse.

"I got tired of being a negative Nancy," said Klufa. "I thought, 'well, people are doing it anyway, so why not give them a safe one with guidance.'"

Klufa created a 10-day detox that begins with a two-day fast on water mixed with lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. Juices, vegetables and fruits are slowly integrated back in the diet, and eventually meats, dairy and grains are added as well.

Shannon Headley lost five pounds and says it helped retrain her brain. "Overall, I thought it was a very good experience."

2. Going vegetarian and/or gluten free: More restaurants are catering to special diets, like Cafe Samana. Nearly everything can be made vegan or gluten-free. Managers at the restaurant say those are the diets they cater to the most these days.

3. The HCG diet: The low-calorie diet that includes hormone injections has been trending for years, but Chiropractic Physician Dr. Rebecca Ward says it's still the most requested.

"You would probably eat leather if you knew you could lose 20 pounds in 30 days."

Speeding up the process of all these diets through colonics and B-12 shots is also gaining momentum.

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