'I got it!': Toddler amputee cheers himself on as he takes first steps

A video posted on YouTube Friday shows 2-year-old Kayden taking his first steps with prosthetics and a child-size walker.

Kayden's mother, Nikki, posted the video and an explanation that her son's right foot and left leg were amputated due to birth defects.

Nikki writes that she was encouraged to terminate her pregnancy, and she was told her son would never walk.

"He now has prosthetics and is learning to walk," Nikki writes. "This video is really more then 1st steps...we celebrate his life as well and every step he takes will be to glorify God."

The video shows Kayden initially hesitant, exclaiming, "Oh, jeez! Oh, jeez!" But as it goes on, he begins excitedly yelling, "I got it!"

Watch Kayden's first steps below:

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